How to Handle an Abusive Relationship (Actionable Tips)

handle an abusive relationship

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The relations between humans make life worth living.

If the relation is not fine, we should know how to handle an abusive relationship.

No one really can live alone.

We need supportive counterparts beside us to thrive and survive.

Man to man relation is key to mental health.

There comes a time when things don’t go well.

Like other aspects of life, ups and downs also come in relations.

Be it family relation, friendship, a romantic one, or any such.

When things do not go smoothly, people blame each other.

Here is when abuse takes place.

But, this must not be a reason to give up and stop talking.

Handle an abusive relationship requires effort and patience.

Let us focus on some actions needful to take to handle an abusive relationship.

Discuss : relationship.heal.abuse.heart.emotion

Abuse needs not to be physical always.

Sometimes mental and verbal abuse harm more than physical ones.

The reason behind it can be any.

The first and foremost thing is to find out the cause of abuse and fix that if possible.

Try to sit with your partner and talk to him/her.

Why the person is behaving that way?

Find out the problem and then discuss compassionately if things can be sorted out.

Never lose your cool while talking.

Instead, mindfully listen to the other one.

Anger never solves an issue, understanding does.

So pay attention to their points and express yours too.

If an issue gets solved through understanding.

That is the best way to keep the relation.

Educate Yourself :

Understanding what abuse is very important.

Whether it’s you or any of your dear ones facing difficulties in a relationship.

Abuse is a lot about power and control.

The abusers are often great manipulators.

They try to break down the victim’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

A common abusive tactic- Gaslighting can make one question their own understanding of reality.

Leaving the relation may not be an option for many victims due to financial reasons, children, fear of loneliness, or emotional attachment.

Under these circumstances, one must know his/her self-worth.

The level of tolerance must be learned.

Do not let your weakness drive the abuser to a level of extreme violence.

It is not good to be a forgiver all the time.

Forgiveness is okay initially.

But you must know your rights.

Know when it is enough! After a level, it is necessary to take action to handle an abusive relationship. 

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Let Your Loved One Know : relationship.heal.abuse.heart.emotion

This can be very tough to speak up.

When one is abused emotionally or physically, it already breaks her down.

But remaining silent will do no good.

Get the help of your friends or close relatives.

Often a lot of problems get solved when mature advice is given by a third party.

Clashes happen due to various reasons.

There can be conflicts that can be solved when elders with practical experiences lean their helping hands on the fighting couples.

On the contrary, if you notice that any of your close ones facing trouble, but not opening up about it.

Lean your hands to them.

Have the sympathy to ask him/her what is going on and empathy to feel the problem.

Think if you can help it out anyway.

It can be through conversation or suggesting some other solution like psychological or legal help.

Tell them that they are not alone to handle an abusive relationship.

You are beside them to give support.

It can be a comfort to the victim and also may show some hope.

Seek Professional Help :

If the problem is at its peak.

If things are not being solved easily.

Try to consult a professional psychologist.

Just like your body needs care when it is sick.

So does the mind.

Abuses occur when someone or both of them are psychologically disturbed.

It is always not the problem of relationship, but other mental agonies which reflect in behavior.

Now since maintaining love and relationship is a delicate matter.

It needs the softer qualities of human nature to nurture this area of life.

Often when people are disturbed and vexed and do not do emotionally well, they become abusers.

Even violent sometimes.

Counseling can help to handle an abusive relationship to a large extend.

There certain procedures and tricks followed to heal emotional health.

Following so may cure one’s mental issues.

The toxicity can get overcome.

If so, the relationship can also find back peace like before.

Mingle with Positive and Wise People :

spiritual. happy. mingle. people

This may sounds cold.

How mingling can help with your relationship problem!

Well, we are what we think.

Our thought process is driven a lot by what type of company we get!

People who have problems with themselves can only cause pain to others unnecessarily.

In an abusive relationship, this happens!

You can join some spiritual groups.

That needs not to be religious though.

Both you and your partner may join some art of living classes.

Their philosophy changes the mindset and point of view.

A conflicting mind can not heal itself.

But with the right kind of motivation and guidance, even a quarrelsome couple can calm the Strome between them and handle an abusive relationship.

Be it any problem- emotional, financial.

If we change our perspective, there is no such problem that can not be solved.

Suffering is often a choice.

Abuse is the violent form of inner suffering.

So Attaining spirituality and gathering wisdom can actually help you a lot.

It can rejuvenate life also.

Practice Healthy Activity :

yoga. girl. river side.. nature

A healthy mind is a way to a healthy life.

There will always be some problem out there.

Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs.

Abuse comes from a person disturbed and vexed.

Either with themselves or with others.

The people who tolerate it, are also problematic.

Often they suffer from low self-esteem or insecurities.

Therefore, both an abuser and a victim deal with mental issues.

To change the matter.

You must work on it together.

Bring change to the daily routine.

Start practicing Yoga.

It will strengthen both your body and mind.

Read good books.

There is a lot of solutions within.

Watch videos that offer life advice, motivate you to live the right way.

These are some easy but truly effective steps that can be followed to control own anger issues and to deal with someone angry and abusive.

A lot of time, some things hold the solution inside and not outside.

How one develops himself as a person reflects in his behavior.

Practicing some meditation, yoga with the right method may bring back the bliss in life.

Conclusion :

Giving up should be the last option.

With the right intention and trial, many problems in life can get solved.

Having faith in life and a strong belief that all will sort out with the right kind of effort is what you need.

If the abuser is unwilling to rectify his behavior, Stop dealing with him anyway.

Cut off communication.

But before that try the above steps.

No problem is too large to solve if we want.

So these are some tips on how to handle an abusive relationship (Fully actionable tips inside).

If the article enriches your understanding of the above topic, the purpose of writing would be fulfilled.

Finally, let us know what do you think about this article on how to handle an abusive relationship (Fully actionable tips inside) by a quick comment below in the comment box.

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