Body Mindfulness Meditation: How to Practice it Home (Without Being Expensive)

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What is Body Mindfulness Meditation?

The Budhha selected some subjects to be the objects of every meditation.

In this article, we will discuss one of the forty Buddhist meditations designed for both body investigation and building concentration.

Body mindfulness meditation is excellent for people who love to study body structure (anatomical) or in medical or maybe have health interest like me.

We can familiar with our bodies from inside along with concentration building.

This is highly recommended for those who have a sensitive body and the biological process of the body is not easy.

If they do not like to do meditation also they must try this form of meditation to receive the magic reward.

Start gently and develop a habit.

Your experiences with this style of meditation will create an ecstasy mood.

Let’s start with the steps and how we can develop this further.

1. Search for Comfortable Place :

Before starting we need to check with our suitable time, a suitable place where should not get any disturbances.

Calm, quiet, and appropriate place, is the first vital elements to start.

Next, choose a comfortable posture.

But remember, your posture should lead with awareness.

Keep your head and spine straight, breathe consciously.

Too stiff and too soft posture will create discomfort and sleepiness respectively.

2. Tension Relaxing :

Be in present and feel what are doing like sitting, breathing, relaxing the mind, etc.

Stay in this position for a few minutes.

Your psyche will create to focus on your strain region.

Try to eliminate all the interruptions.

Concentrate on your breath and stances don’t think anything about others.

Permit your body to get unwind and keep your mind quiet and calm.

3. Start Practice :

Intellectually isolate the body into its components.

At the first beginning with arms, legs, middle, and head.

As you are intellectually cognizant about the circumstance of each component, start to split it extra to wake up to littler subtleties.

Like the arm may become shoulder, upper arm, elbow, lower arm, wrist, palm, fingers, and so forth.

Go through a second being a note to each piece of your concentrated region, check how they feel, similar to tense or loose, hot or cold, etc.

The intention is to know about where they are, yet what they are, how they feel, etc, working to total body mindfulness.

4. Connect With Mind and Body :

Start with mentally note singular pieces of the body in more detail.

There is an ordinary repetition that worth learning to practice.

  • Head hair, body hair, teeth, skin, nails.
  • Muscles, ligaments, bones, bone marrow, kidneys.
  • Heart, liver, stomach, spleen, lungs.
  • Gut, digestion tracts, dung, undigested food, brain.
  • Bile, mucus, discharge, blood, sweat, body fat.
  • Tears, skin oil, snot, salivation, bone ointment, and urine.

Divide the list into two classifications- Solid and Liquid.

It begins with the absolute most effectively outside parts and proceeds onward to more inside parts

in multifaceted nature, as you go.

You see bones, muscles, organs, and so on through mental CT scans.

This is the thing that you are searching for in situ and in real life.

You may feel a sensation or another type of familiarity with that body part through this scan.

It may or may not show up in your mind.

But You must feel it.

5. Awareness of Each Part :

Now spend second monitoring each part.

There is a large group of things suggested as a state of study so you may pick any that relevant to you to start rather than any complex viewpoint.

Give each part some an ideal opportunity to be concentrated to increase a getting, recognition, and knowledge.

  • Inspec its area in the body, how it feels, what it is, the way it is, how it became, what it needs to keep on being, and so on.
  • Look at your events of how your brain interfaces with the body segment, for example, how the heart changes when there is pressure in the psyche and how the muscles respond when there is discomfort.
  • Analyze your experiences of how the body cooperates with mental states. When there is pressure, anxiety, dread, how does the body feel?
  • Is there a connection or any desires that happen to you comparable to that piece of the body? The more delicate expert may discover the reflection, or perhaps believe it’s gross and strange. This technique can be utilized to separate any such nausea and different hindrances.
  • Consider how delicate the biological system of your body is. Your immune and healing system feels hot or cold during blood circulation.
  • Consider how mutually dependent it is on different parts of the body and outside realities, for example, food and water, air, temperature, etc. Consider how persevering through each part is, or the amount it changes.
  • Check what number of the substantial procedures and parts run and are kept up all alone, free of us or on autopilot, maybe.

6. Work on Tension Position :

Body Mindfulness Meditation. peace posture. meditation.

Look at the body again and loosen up any parts that you can should you know that they are tense, or in an awkward position.

This process attempts to separate refusal, dread, and “nausea”.

By inspecting its restrictive nature, just as its delicacy and unavoidable presentation to odds of injury, disease, torment, and organ disappointment, and the certainty of maturing, you can figure out how to acknowledge the body for what it’s worth.

You can figure out how to live with the body and its admonition signs.

You will no longer feel alarmed about it for the most part.

Many people consider this as pain management, relaxation, and increased immune responsiveness.

7. Learn to Handle Distraction :

Let go of any interruptions that may emerge and continue analyzing and considering the part of your body, or proceed through the rundown.

Find Somewhere where you can focus to build up the brain to center.

Mindfulness place is a kind of mandatory.

8. Process of Development :

To build up this meditation further for more profound focus, fix your mindfulness on the segment of some portion of the body that is generally clear to you.

Beginners should not be worried if nothing is happening at all.

Here you need to increase your awareness first.

Deeper concentration will make your health happy and healthier.

Mentally you can go further above the body and feel the fear-free, stress-free healthy You.

Conclusion :

I have shared this article on body mindfulness meditation.

I know this is not easy to start and develop further.

You need to start with simple steps or you can take expert help.

Please share it with your beloved ones who might find it helpful.
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  1. Awesome guide, Mou.

    Your words reminded me about the past golden days when meditation was an important part of my daily routine.

    And I was really happy that time…..

    But nowadays, I cannot make any time for meditation and all. As a result, I’m always under pressure.

    I’ll definitely try the methods, someday.

  2. It’s really amazing write.Now a days i’m trying to do atleast 10mint. meditation and the result is so amazing.It gives me positive energy.Thanks for sharing such an helpful article.

  3. This days we are all so busy with everything but at this time of lockdown or even after that rather than wasting time or being fatigue yoga and meditation is the best way to keep our mind active.
    Amazing tips ? good work ?

  4. Your articles are amazing… For me it’s very difficult to handle distractions and work in a stressful situation.. but yes meditation helps me alot. Thanks for sharing this article.

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