Fatherhood: The Definitive Guide to a Healthy Father-Child Relationship


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Fathers play an important role in children’s life.

Parenting requires some skills.

Motherhood is a much-talked-about topic.

Fatherhood is no less important though.

The job of fatherhood does not come with instruction.

Fathering a child takes great responsibility.

The role of a father may have a huge impact in shaping a child’s character.

Fathers act like pillars in children’s emotional and mental development.

When it comes to idolizing someone in life, fathers are the ones the kids try to follow.

A man’s life changes a lot when he becomes a father.

His responsibilities increase.

His lifestyle changes.

Maintaining integrated fatherhood is not an easy job.

A father’s responsibility does not end with earning living for his family.

Fathers have a lot more to do to raise their children well.

Modern parenting goes hand in hand with shared responsibility between mother and father.

Today’s fathers are eagerly sharing their parental duties with their spouses.

Let us discuss some important aspects of fatherhood.

Some facts that help to establish strong bonds between father and children are mentioned below.

1. It Starts Early:

How a father spends time with his kids says a lot.

He teaches family values to the kids.

During the growing up period of life, children learn a lot of things.

The daddy is the first person the child imitates.

There are plenty of ways to spend quality time with young ones.

For newborns to 2 years old kids, fathers may share parenting responsibilities with the mother.

Many offices grant paternal leave after childbirth.

He can change the diaper, make them eat the baby food, give his baby company when he plays with toys.

Helps him to learn to walk.

Teach him things like which part of the body is called what etc.

These are simple basic things to start strengthening a father-child bond.

As the child grows up, he learns a lot of things in his initial growing years.

A responsible father can teach good manners like how to talk, how to greet people.

A father is responsible for the healthy habits his toddlers grow.

Fatherhood starts with taking good care of the mother-to-be. 

A woman may physically carry the baby in her womb but a man carries it in his heart forever!

Looking after the wife during the 9 months of pregnancy gives an ideal start to fatherhood.

After all, it is a journey both parents experience.

A couple looks forward to starting their new journey as parents together.

This is how things should go. 

2. Your Children Reflect You:

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Another most important thing is how you deal with the other parent- the mother of the children.

Children learn as they see.

Parenting is actually teamwork between two parents.

It starts with sharing responsibilities.

Mutual understanding is more important than gender-specific issues in modern parenting.

Therefore maintaining a respectful and understanding relationship with your spouse teaches your children to be respectful as well.

This applies to both the parents.

A young boy learns from his father how to treat a woman.

A girl who gets the right amount of affection from her father will grow as a self-confident woman with values.

Children’s treatment towards people around them depends upon how they get treated themselves at home.

How their parents treat each other.

A father is immensely important to provide a healthy environment to grow up for his kids.

Quarreling couples can never set good moral examples for future generations.

A couple’s responsibility increases much with becoming parents.

Things like good manners, discipline, obedience, resilience, decency, kindness, strength, patience are crucial virtues to teach kids.

The best way to do it is by example. A respectful father brings up a respectful child.

3. Spend Quality Time:

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How the time spent with the children says a lot about fatherhood.

Kids grow up early. It is important to share quality times with them for a father despite busy work schedules.

Childhood is the time of learning.

Lessons of this period shape up their character further.

They need positive guidance to become better human beings.

Some dos and don’ts also need to be learned not as punishment but as disciplines to set reasonable limits in life.

A father can be the best person to teach children the consequence of their actions.

Father can positively acknowledge them what the desired behavior should be.

While doing so, both a child and a father evolve in their respective roles.

The time men spend parenting their kids is precious.

Starting from the beginning, the first couple of months are most difficult when babies need utmost delicate care and get feed after every hour.

Things seem a little easier if fathers share some responsibilities with mummies.

Things get adjusted as they grow up and get a regular pattern of sleep.

During their primary school days, fathers are role models for their kids.

It is always better if a dad helps his kids in studies than a private tutor.

Subjects can be divided between both parents and taught kids with utmost love and care.

Another way of good fatherhood is to help them watch and read what’s good for them.

A father can guide and accompany his child while watching or reading pebbles, moral stories, epic with life lessons.

He would explain the inner message behind it and teach them how to implement that into practical life.

Besides that, he may exercise some sports with his young ones that may benefit himself as well. 

4. Evolve Fatherhood With Positivity:

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Love conquers all.

This may sound corny, but it must be the core of fatherhood.

Life may not always be easy.

Show fatherly love to your children instead of yelling when you are upset.

Treat them with compassion when they least expect it.

Children often do mishaps.

They make mistakes.

Psychology says instead of harsh punishment, it is way effective to make them understand the consequence of a misdeed.

Who can do it better than a caring father?

Be strict as well if the children are really mischievous.

It is common losing patience and temper sometimes.

But do not allow yourself to react in anger.

Fatherhood requires control over kids as well as over one’s own self.

Practice self-restraint especially when with kids around.

Controlling negative emotions and reactions will uplift a man as a person as well as a father.

Self-control and maturity help taking good decisions for your kids.

A wise father teaches his teenage kids to take decisions themselves.

Kids like freedom.

Allow them to make decisions within the parameter you set.

This may be as small as choosing which sport to play, which cloth to wear etc.

Make them feel supported and guided regardless of the situation.

5. Make Children Feel They Matter:

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Often children are not heard seriously.

But they have their share of emotion and opinion.

Make your children feel they matter.

Listen to what they say.

Correct them with love if there is anything wrong.

Children need to be understood. In fact, sharing thoughts and ideas is the basic step to strengthen the father-child relationship.

A child who feels valued will be open to express his feelings.

Children who grow up with flexibility tend to be more sociable, confident, and open to face life better than others.

Friendly relations with necessary restrictions will do more good than just punishments.

There will be times your child’s deed might blow your lid.

They may write over the wall with crayons, dump some liquid on the bedsheet, spoil important files and papers, etc.

Teach your child not to do these while taking it lightly.

Apply a sense of humor and laugh at the situation.

It helps a father keep sanity and tackle the odd situation with ease.

Spark their imagination and ideas.

Entertain their emotional and intellectual needs by accompanying them with their activities.

This way a father can encourage as well as guide them.

Children who get their parent’s company feel emotionally secure.

6. Expand Your Role as a Father:

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Things that were considered as mother’s duty are not just so anymore.

Fatherhood of modern days shares responsibility with mothers.

As they say, sharing is caring.

Share the responsibility of caring for your children with your wife brings balanced parenting.

The duty of fatherhood starts with changing diapers, bathing them, rocking them to fall asleep, tutoring them, dress them up, make a lunch box when they start going to school, and so on.

A father who is a good narrator should recite bedtime stories to his kids.

This may transform to sharing real-life memories of a father’s boyhood as his children turn teens.

Real fatherhood shares a constant good bond with children.

Teach your child some core values like self-esteem.

You can do it in many ways.

Children during their growing years seek appreciation.

Being a father you must motivate them in their activities.

Encourage to do better.

Share how you feel glad about their little good deeds.

No matter how small or big an achievement is, appreciate the effort your child put.

This way both a child and a father bring a smile to each other’s face.

If they make mistakes, instead of discouraging a good father would help them correct their attempts.

7. Be There for Them:

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The time you spend with family is never wasted.

Take your kids to the nearby restaurant.

Have a dinner date with them. In-home, try having the supper together.

Fathers often get to spend less time with kids.

It is better if the TV, radio is turned off while eating.

A family that eats together at least 4 nights a week, reduces the risk of substance abuse in children by half.

20 years later the grown-up kids will fondly remember the precious family time spend with their parents.

A vital part of fatherhood is to make your children feel special.

It helps them build a strong identity for themselves.

Little gifts for them after your professional tour, attaining a school meeting along with their mother, take them to the park or tuition, go out and watch a movie in the theater together.

These activities engage you with your child’s life.

These simple efforts keep the father-child relationship smooth.

Being a helping hand with your wife in the kitchen also teaches your young ones about gender equality.

They learn to treat all works equally and develop an unbiased mindset regarding profession and responsibilities.

Ideal fatherhood requires men to set the standard of integrity their children would follow.

It is not how big the house is, but how happy the home is that matters.

The quality of fatherhood determines a lot of homely happiness.

Despite professional commitments try to be there for your kids.

Be their refuge when they are emotionally broken.

A sensible father can council his kids with utmost fondness.

Support them in their life choices.

Discuss and listen if they have things to share and often they do have!

Everyone has to face his life by himself but the presence of a father during the ups and downs of life makes children go through a little easier.

With the right amount of guidance and affection, they literally grow through the sweet-bitter experiences of life.

Conclusion :

So these are some of the definitive guides to a healthy father-child relationship.

Here in this article, we tried to suggest some best possible ways to experience fatherhood.

Being an ideal father is a lifetime responsibility.

No matter how busy a man be.

His home is where his heart is.

and home completes with children in them.

The quality of one’s fatherhood sets the quality of his children’s upbringing.

If the article enriches your understanding of the above topic, the purpose of writing would be fulfilled.

Finally, let us know what do you think about this article on Fatherhood: The Definitive Guide to a Healthy Father-Child Relationship by a quick comment below in the comment box.

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