5 Useful Ways to Fix a Sexless Marriage (Rejuvenate the Married Life)

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To fix a sexless marriage is possible.

Sex does not strengthen a connection.

Sex only Strengthens an attachment.

It is a deep and genuine connection that will strengthen sex.

At a point in your married life, there may come a situation when you can notice that there is not enough sex as it was before. 

This may make you wonder what should be the reason!

How much sex is healthy and whether you should be concerned or not.

Especially if you still are very much in love.

As per the general social survey, an average married couple has sex nearly 60 times per year or a little more than once a week.

A 2017 survey on sexual behavior that surveyed over 14,885 married people (aged 18 to 70) found an average sexual practice to happen 56 times yearly.

Which is less than it was some 30 years ago.

However, it may vary for different couples.

And not having enough sex is not a sign of broken marriage.

For marriage requires a lot more than just sex. 

For some people, having too little sex means it is three times a week what used to be three times a day.

For another couple, it may be fair enough to have that much sex normally.

Over some arbitrary standard, people get into unrealistic comparisons. 

It is natural to ebb and flows the sex drive for partners over the years.

In the case of lower sex drive, bedroom matters can definitely improve.  

What makes a marriage sexless

Some experts consider a marriage sexless when it is less than 10 times a year.

Though it is not appropriate to consider a specific number while defining something.

“Sexual intimacy can have various forms and expressions.

It is not restricted to genital traditional contacts.

The idea of a sexless marriage also suggests a variety of unmet needs.

Needs vary from person to person.

So if yours are not met, it should be acknowledged to the partner.

At some points in life, it is not much about sex, and that’s okay.

There can be plenty of other reasons for not having sex.

Ranging from the cultural mindset to a health issue or simply personal choice.

It depends on the understanding between the couple. 

Fix a Sexless Marriage  

If “Fix a Sexless Marriage” is possible

The short answer is “yes”.

A marriage that is sexless, can survive.

But at a cost.

If one is interested in sex and another one is not, it can decrease intimacy and mental connection, the feeling of indignation, and even infidelity.

If you are in a type of sexless marriage where uneven sex drive is an issue.

Or other relationship problems make you feel disconnected and unloved.

It is important to work on renewing passion and intimacy.

Sexless marriages survive Often when the partner normalizes the fact.

But instead of agonizing over how to normalize it, Let us rejuvenate over how to fix a sexless marriage.

Let us discuss some ways to fix a sexless marriage

1. Talk about it

Almost all relationships or marriages go very well initially.

At the starting level, the passion at the emotional and physical levels is very high.

So much that it feels like the two persons are inseparable.

But as it gets normalize in daily routine.

With time, it feels like the “top of the world” kind of feel is faded. 

Over time, we often find ourselves coping with a sexless marriage.

New responsibilities of life like kids, job, finance, family matters start getting more focus.

The marriage is still intact, but to fix a sexless marriage you may have lacked the necessity of intimacy to keep the charm in your relationship.

If you are in a sexless marriage and wish to fix it, hope is there.

Uncover the obstacles in the way of sex.

Instead of getting angry, cultivate curiosity about why there is a struggle going on.

It has to do a lot with communication and open-minded discussion over the fact.

Making time to talk is essential.

It should be done when the couple is not sleepy, tired, or stressed.

Fix a Sexless Marriage

2. Rejuvenate The Chemistry

 A sexless marriage is often a comfortable one!

When you settle down and experience the phase when every day is so exciting, you get lazy.

The passion fades.

To rejuvenate the lost chemistry, restart doing little things that matter big.

Bring your partner little gifts to give him/her a surprise.

Tell them how much they mean to you.

Plan a dinner or lunch date and excursion.

Think of when you did these last and why did you stop treating each other like the special person!

Of course, the love is there and it always was but it needs to be expressed and shown sometimes.

Prove again that you are the biggest fan and support system for each other.

Reestablish the faded feelings by helping your partner in their task and that is how the feel-good factor will start functioning again.

When the partners feel positive about each other, it will rejuvenate the bedroom matters as well and all other aspects of life.

These healthy habits of your life’s honeymoon period will help to fix a sexless marriage. 

3. Keep a Conscious Yet Compassionate Eye On Your Relationship

It is always a good idea to fix the problem than to leave it midway.

Marriage is a long-term pursuit and it requires adjustment.

Relationship changes over time.

Changes depend on the situations and stressors of your life.

There will be days of closeness and days when a lot of space is needed for oneself.

To run harmoniously, one partner must understand the need of the moment and reciprocate accordingly.

This adjustment should be from each other from time to time.

Another important thing is to stop living out old stories.

Whether there is a sexual distance or not, a couple should always be compassionate and empathetic to each other to make the marriage successful.

Many a time things like emotional distance, misunderstanding, external matters ruin the mood to have sex.

Keep a sharp eye on things that indirectly affect the bedroom matters.

Stop misjudging and do not play a blame game.

Instead, stand beside your partner in his/her tough time or just give some space.

On overcoming the situation they shall thank you for being there.

That would be more rewarding than punishing the partner for their past mistakes or anything wrongly said.

4. Connect other ways

Having sex without intercourse is another good idea.

Thus the romantic connection remains strong without a very active practice though.

Taking intercourse at a liter note decreases pressure.

It allows partners to meet each other’s needs in newer, exciting ways.

However, avoiding intercourse is not a forever thing to do.

Just adopting the method would do the job besides when the treatment goes on.

If it happens, it happens. If it does not, the fun will still be there.

Couples can explore other ways to be intimate.

It is important to connect other ways, especially when there is a lack of sexual intimacy.

Try to share good old memories, look through old pictures, remember passionate days of togetherness.

Cuddle and hug each other for little reason.

For in crisis, little affectionate things matter big in life.

Most importantly have respect and hold on to a considerate attitude for each other is very crucial.

As marriage is a long-term matter of life.

All days do not go the same.

But the positive thing is there is hope for every situation.

Having patience besides taking the initiative actions are key to fix a sexless marriage. 

Fix a Sexless Marriage

5. Seek Professional Consultation

After finding out the reason work on it. If it is an emotional or psychological issue, you can consult a counselor.

Often the actual issue lies below the surface.

You may have been suppressing the true feelings under the pile of other baggage.

And forget to feel like before.

Some professional guidance can help a lot in situations like this.

A couple of counselors can save a relationship and may give some useful tips to fix a sexless marriage.

Following his advice can rejuvenate the faded chemistry.

The same goes for physical problems.

If there is a lack of libido, low sex drive issue, there are good doctors who are experts in this particular matter.

They have a cure for the problem.

Physical problems have diverse solutions through well-researched applications to fix a sexless marriage. 

Conclusion :

So these are some useful ways to fix a sexless marriage and rejuvenate the Married Life.

Here in this article, we tried to find some conclusions when there are issues regarding sex in a married relationship.

So that it may become useful to the people lacking sex in life for any reason.

If the article enriches your understanding of the above topic, the purpose of writing would be fulfilled.

Finally, let us know what do you think about this article on 5 useful ways to fix a sexless marriage and rejuvenate the Married Life, by a quick comment below in the comment box.

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