9 Incredible Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar that You Must Know

Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar

Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 01:00 pm

The entire world is gifted life and energy by the Sun.

Surya Namaskar is a significant asana in Yoga.

The health benefits of Surya Namaskar are vivid and diverse.

It is a sequence of 12 asana postures.

As per the belief, the king of Audh first introduced surya namaskar.

He made it a rule to attain surya namaskar regularly in his reign- Maharashtra, India.

It helps to bring the body, breath, and mind together.

Health benefits of surya namskar include relaxation of the mind and improvement of spine flexibility.

It notably increases your abdomen space and makes the hips more responsive.

Surya namaskar is an effective cardiovascular workout that helps in weight loss.

With each step of inhalation and exhalation more oxygen gets into our body.

Thus the body gets detoxified. Surya namaskar is the gesture of showing salutation to the Sun.

The sun is a mighty divine figure in Indian mythology.

The ancient monks of India used to believe that different gods control different parts of our bodies.

There is a solar plexus behind the navel of one’s body.

The navel is the central point.

Surya namaskar is one of the major yogas to awaken the kundalini power.

This activates our body, brain, heart, and mind to a higher level.

If you practice surya namaskar, it will enhance solar plexuses.

Today we will discuss 9 incredible health benefits of surya namaskar that you must know.

1. Better Body Posture:-

8 Incredible Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar that You Must Know

Yoga steps involved in surya namaskar focus on various muscle groups and nerves called Chakra.

This helps you to tone up body parts like abs, arms, thighs, buttocks.

With a frequent practice of surya namaskar body becomes more flexible.

Surya namaskar is a quick yet effective workout.

Improved blood circulation is one of the noted health benefits of surya namaskar.

Since blood is the carrier of hormones,

Better blood circulation leads to better hormonal balance also.

2. Smooth Menstrual and Sexual Life:-

Women with problems in their period get benefitted with surya namaskar.

Daily movements of the stomach muscles ensure a smoother period.

You work upon some particular muscle during making the Surya namaskar poses.

Those muscles make the periodic cycle smoother and regular.

With age, people often tend to grow belly fat.

The health benefits of surya namaskar are visible with your well-shaped belly.

With the daily practice of Surya namaskar, one burns 417 calories.

This yoga stimulates sluggish glands (like the thyroid gland).

With the inner purification, the skin becomes more glowing.

A healthy stomach sparks its goodness through the face and glowing skin.

This asana eradicates internal flaws related to sexual glands.

Thus the health benefits of surya namaskar go longer with better sexual appetite in a person.

3. Keeps You Active and Flexible:-

8 Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar thatyou should know

The earth revolves around the sun.

Surya namaskar is done in such a way that makes the whole body moves like that.

This asana keeps you agile actively involving every part of the body.

Doing Surya Namaskar keeps you energetic round the clock.

This is an asana that keeps blood oxygenated and lungs ventilated.

Sun salutation is best to be done 12 times a day.

After a few days of practice, one can manage to do it within a short span of 15 to 20 minutes.

The health benefits of surya namaskar include the benefits of many warm-up exercises.

This makes the stiff body move well with flexibility.

A flexible body is then ready to get into some intense poses or exercise.

4. Improved Metabolism:-

Surya namaskar has a huge impact on the human heart, throat, chest, legs also.

Your power of endurance and overall muscle strength is improved with the asana.

It aids in strengthening the upper body.

Surya namaskar is a good way to improve digestion.

The asana produces the right kinds of digestive juices.

You get an improved metabolism.

The improved metabolism helps to get rid of toxins.

This way your body is able to better absorption of nutrients.

Nutrient absorption helps to carry out other vital functions of the body.

In today’s lifestyle, unhealthy habits are continuously being a part of daily doings.

Surya namaskar along with other yoga practices keep many disorders and diseases at bay.

5. A Happy Mind:-

Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar

Ever since the global pandemic started, people are bound to cut down their socialization.

Due to all other side effects of the virus emotional health is a matter to take care of.

Nonetheless, life keeps throwing lemons at us from time to time.

While discussing the health benefits of Surya namaskar emotional health is not far from it.

The deep breathing techniques involved in the asana positively impact our brain functions.

It helps to create a balance between the left and the right sides of the brain.

The right balance brings you emotional stability.

Emotional stability increases creativity, feel-good factor, and mental capacity.

Also, the positive changes that asanas bring, uplifts us emotionally.

This improves the way we think.

The better quality of thought process also worth a mention.

6. Weight Maintenance:-

Surya Namaskar, done regularly and at a fast pace helps reducing extra weight.

It is efficient in improving muscle strength for both men and women.

The health benefits of Surya namaskar are seen especially in the abdominal region and back muscles.

Yoga and pranayama are comparatively lighter activities than gym workouts.

This act of asana aims to attain an appropriate BMI or body mass index.

Many people who were previously overweight, have experienced weight loss with the practice of yoga.

Thus Surya namaskar has shown a positive impact on enhancing the cognitive function of both mind and body.

7. Meditative Properties:-

yoga. girl. river side.. nature

The health benefits of Surya namaskar are more effective when it is coupled with chants.

This increases the spiritual vibe in you.

Doing it in a place from where you can see the sun would bring motivation, a sense of gratitude, and peace of mind & soul.

You can also play the mantras in the audio player while doing the asana.

Surya namaskar requires concentration.

Concentration makes a person calm and composed.

It improves memory. The concentration on asana movements enhances breathing and the nervous system.

Thereby Surya namaskar reduces stress and anxiety.

8. Healthy Heart:-

Surya namaskar improves your breathing stamina.

It is truly useful for heart muscles.

It corrects irregular heartbeats.

The practice also keeps blood pressure and sugar level in control.

Also, yoga keeps one mentally stable and emotionally calm.

This in the long run goes well for heart health.

A fine balance in physical and mental health is what brings all other sorts of wellness in life.

9. Some Facts About Surya Namaskar:-

Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar

One can attain Surya namaskar at any time during the daytime when the sun is in the sky.

However, the early morning is preferably the most suitable time.

Try to do the Surya namaskar with an empty stomach for the maximum benefit.

Start it slow.

Increase the pace with time.

Yoga experts advise doing it four times initially (2 in each leg).

Focus more on making the movements correctly.

Once you master the poses and movements with their respective order, it’s time to increase reputation until reaching 12.

It is better to do it outdoor than indoor.

The health benefits of Surya namaskar are well applauded in various schools of thought.

There is no hard & fast rule or any fixed time to do Surya namaskar.

Doing it right is what really matters. Almost everyone can do the asana.

Except, pregnant women, hernia patients, people with high blood pressure, and people with major back problems.

Girls should avoid doing Surya namaskar while having periods.

The asana’s routine-wise practice session will help you to balance 3 ayurvedic components- Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

How to Do Surya Namaskar:-

 Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar

There are many poses in Surya namaskar.

The first one is the prayer pose.

Stand on the edge of your yoga mat.

Keep the feet together and put the whole body weight in balance.

Be relaxed & expand your chest.

Lift up your both arms while inhaling.

Next, exhale your breath and bring the palm together like a namaskar.

After making the namaste pose, lift up the arms overhead in the same position.

Make sure your arms are stretched & close to your ears.

Lean a little backward. Feel the stretch.

Next, bend forward to your toes while exhaling.

Your spine has to be erected.

Bend as much as possible and try to touch your toe with your fingers.

In the next step, push back the leg while inhaling.

Push it as far as possible.

Now bend on the right knee.

Place your arms next to your feet. Look forward to a fixed vision.

The next is the mountain pose.

Here you lift your hips up during exhalation.

Face your chest downwards.

Make a mountain-like pose that looks like the alphabet ‘A’.

Now while exhaling bring it down to your knee.

Push back your hips gently.

Slide forward in a way so that your chin and chest can rest on the floor.

Raise your bottom slightly.

Then, Slide your body forward from the previous position.

Raise up your chest.

Look at the ceiling. Bent the elbows.

Look upwards and the shoulder should be away from ears.

Again back to the Parvatasana.

Lift up your hips while exhaling.

Make an inverted V shape.

Now make the Ashwa sanchalanasana.

This time you are doing it in a reverse manner.

Push the right leg back.

Place your arms next to the feet. Bend on your left knee. Look forward.

Now bend forward from the waist.

Inhale as you put your hands down.

Touch your feet with fingers. Now just exhale.

Now do the Hasta Uttanasana by lifting your arms up and back.

Stretch your arms and bring them close to your ears.

Stretch your whole body.

Finally, come back to the pranamasana or the prayer pose.

Keep the feet close together.

Balance the bodyweight on them.

Expand your chest and relax your shoulder.

Now lift up your arms.

Bring your arms close to your chest in a namaste pose.

Now exhaling.

Repeat the steps on the other leg.

Conclusion :-

So this was a brief discussion on 8 Incredible health benefits of Surya namaskar that You Must Know.

As you pay gratitude to the source of life- the Sun with Sun salutation yoga, it develops a mind of gratitude towards life and the curator of it.

Sun lord has major significance in Indian spirituality.

Sun teaches us to accomplish great tasks and rise above all.

Through this article, we tried to spread the awareness of yoga and the health benefits of Surya namaskar.

If that uplifts your understanding regarding the above topic, our purpose of writing would be fulfilled.

Let us know what do you think about the article on the 8 incredible health benefits of Surya Namaskar by a quick comment below.


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