Sleep Nutrition Supplements: How to Find the Best Supplements to Sleep Better

Sleep Nutrition Supplements

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We all know a good amount and quality sleep is very important for everyone.

Good sleep maintains our body and brain functions.

A good sleeping time is required for rectifying our organs and cell damage.

It helps to decide our actions clearly, improve our memory power and learning ability.

Poor sleep quality or lack of sleep increases many life-threatening diseases.

Strock, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes,  depression, obesity, inflammation are some results of lack of sleep.

Not sleeping properly may accelerate our age.

Modern lifestyles have full of destruction.

We are not getting proper sleep within an appropriate time.

TV, smartphone, Laptop, shifting duties are the main culprit.

Our normal sleeping habit is getting hampered by changing the biological clock.

Too much-having tea, coffee, and smoking may be one of the main reasons too.

We are increasingly suffering from poor sleep nowadays.

Let’s discuss sleep nutrition supplements that may help you to provide a deep and sound sleep.

1. Melatonin :

This is a natural hormone that regulates our normal sleep/wake cycle.

“Melatonin comes in two forms — extended release and immediate release,” says Plank. “If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night, you may want to take extended-release before you go to bed. If you have trouble falling asleep, try immediate release.”- WebMD

This is for older people and a person who is suffering from insomnia (especially ADHD disorder).

These supplements are widely used for jet lag and it is best when you are crossing four or more time zone.

For people who are working in a shift, melatonin works great as it gives quality daytime sleep.

2. Valerian Root :

Sleep Nutrition Supplements. valerian root. root. ancient roots.

This is a plant-based remedy for sleep.

Valerian root uses as an anti-anxiety natural supplement for thousands of years.

It is very good for light sleep (who can awaken easily throughout the night) habits.

Valerian safe to take for 4-6weeks for an adult.

For a long time, more research is needed. and of course, consult with a doctor.

This is an ancient treatment as natural sleep nutrition supplements but it is always recommended to take expert advice.

3. Magnesium :

Lack of magnesium in our body leads to restlessness in the mind which affects sleep directly.

Magnesium can regulate the production of the melatonin hormone.

It has relaxing effects on the body working with the help of calcium.

Magnesium gives calmness to our nervous system.

It supports maintaining a healthy immune system, blood sugar levels,  keeps the rhythm of a healthy heartbeat.

Magnesium sleep nutrition supplements will relax our body and mind both.

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4. 5-HTP :

It is known as 5 Hydroxytryphotophan.

Our body naturally produces tryptophan.

Tryptophan produces midway of producing serotonin.

5-HTP is mostly used to treat depression.

It helps to control our mood and stress.

Consuming 200-400 mg daily will improve sleep quality for a short time.

5. Flower Therapy :

Sleep Nutrition Supplements. lavender. flower. flower .

This is excellent, safe, and not harsh for children too.

Cherry plum, white chestnut, and impatiens are great to relax and reduces stress.

You can use them individually or combine them fusing in water.

Passionflowers tea helps our sleeping quality.

Lavender aromatherapy improves our sleep.

Lavender supplements are safe and efficient.

One of my favorite natural sleep nutrition supplements treatment.

6. Homeopathy Treatment :

Like flower therapy, this is safe for all.

Common homeopathy sleepness supplements are :

  • Coffea cruda (for nervousness and excitability)
  • Aconitum napellus (for worry or fear)
  • belladonna (for restlessness)
  • passiflora (for wakefulness)
  • Hyoscyamus niger (for difficulty falling asleep


Healthy eating and regular exercise are a must to get proper sleep.

Maintain proper body weight.

Body weights differ in our sleeping quality directly.

Conclusion :

In this article, I have shared some sleep nutrition supplements.

Most of the supplements are available on Amazon.

And I am sure the tips are simple enough to understand.

You will find some natural sleep nutrition supplements for better sleep.

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