9 Tips to Improve Your Reflexes and Become Physically Strong

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Reflexes are nerve signal-induced muscular reactions to external stimuli.

To have great reflex actions means using your sensitivity to be able to react almost instantly to a detectable change within your external environment.

Having good reflexes is an advantage in any sport or exercise.

They can also help you out when it comes to general safety.

They can help you with things like driving, crossing the street and preventing objects from crashing into you.

Follow Below Mentioned Activities to Improve Your Reflexes.

1. Practice to Catch a Bouncy Ball:

Reaction balls are six-sided rubber balls that bounce at unpredictable angles.

They may be purchased at most sporting goods stores.

You must hit it with straight punches consistently and after every hit on target,

the ball accelerates so your reactions must be very sharp to catch it.

This is great for improving your hand-to-eye coordination.

Once your reflex time improves, throw the ball harder, challenging yourself to leap and dive to catch it.

2. Catch Coins:

This is a fun exercise that you can do by yourself at home.

And I am sure you have even done it before.

Put one of your arms out with your palm facing downwards anywhere between the height of your stomach to your chest.

Keep a coin on top of your hand just before where your knuckles are.

Now throw the coin upwards slightly and in try to catch it in one swift movement with the same hand.

line 2 or 3 coins in a row from your fingers to increase the game’s difficulty.

3. Coin Up:

Another exercise which involves a coin and also doesn’t need a lot of space.

You would require any partner to help you with this exercise.

  • Stand about two arm’s length directly opposite your partner.
  • Get your partner to hold and drop a coin from around your chest height.
  • Your aim is to catch the coin with one hand before it reaches the ground.

This exercise is great for helping you find the target whenever your opponent bends at the waist or drops his knees.

One of the best way to improve your reflexes.

4. Play Table Tennis:

Table tennis or ping pong is a good sport to help to improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

You can join a local table tennis group or club.

It will allow you to face off with different partners and stand you in greater challenges as you work to improve your reflexes.

Local club is beneficial for newbie.

They can help you understand the basics of the game including form and skill-building.

5. Run Everyday:

Running in the woods may be the easiest way to improving your reflexes.

Search the closest nature trail and start running.

The uneven footing and unpredictable roots and rocks you’ll dodge will create a variety of stimuli.

Where your body will have to quickly react.

Begin by running at a slow speed.

As you feel your reflexes improve over time.

Push yourself to run faster after few days.

6. Play A Particular Sports:

Tennis, hockey, badminton, racquetball  are great activities to help you to build your reflexes.

These sports generally require quick reaction, and can help you build both reflexes and situational awareness.

Stick on any one sport and do regularly.

7. Use Foam Sticks:

Punches will come from all angles and foam sticks are great for improving your peripheral vision reflexes.

Keep a partner to stand directly in front of you and perform an offense and defense pad work drill.

During this you stand in the same position.

Ask your partner to stand 45 degrees and do a defensive pad work drill.

Repeat the same at 90 degrees and then switch to the other side also.

8. Double End Ball:

It allows you to work on your punch coordination, timing and reflexes.

Double end ball helps you with body shots as well as head shots.

If you want for rapid reflexes then work on the single double end bag as it bounces back and forth at a faster pace.

The aim is speed, accuracy and timing, not power.

If you’re new to this it will take time to get used to it.

Focus on your straight shots in ones and twos, then once you get used to it, aim for three or four punches in a row.

9. Elastic Head Balls:

The elastic head ball is just a soft bouncy ball that’s attached to a head gear with an elastic cord.

You must hit it with straight punches consistently and after every hit on target, the ball accelerates so your reactions must be very sharp to catch it.

This is great for improving your hand-to-eye coordination.


In this post, I have shared a few tips to improve your reflexes.

Those tips are insanely actionable and super-easy to get started with.

However, to improve your reflexes with those tips, you must take action.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post.

Please share it with your beloved ones those might find it helpful.

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  1. Nice and informative post. Having good reflexes is very important. And your article helps with exactly that. Thanks a lot☺️👍

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  4. Nice and informative article. Having good reflexes is very important. And your article helps with exactly that. Thanks a lot👍

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