11 Practical Tips to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

overcome smartphone addiction

Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 01:25 pm

This is a real-life experience that I am sharing with you all.

The term  “Nomophobia” I saw the first time after downloading the digital wellness app.

It means I was in the category of “no-mobile-phone-phobia“.

I knew somewhere in my mind but giving excuses to myself to overuse the phone.

But this is also true after every day of using the excess phone I depressed.

Wisdom is sinful for me.

When I determined and took a step for a new challenge I knew that any severe or mild addiction does not have so power to control me.

I will overcome it.

You will find other articles that are available on the internet.

But these are mostly base on data and approaches not like mine.

And I know that I am not one who faced this situation.

So for all who want to change life them going to share my 11 tips to overcome smartphone addiction.

Sign of Addiction :

Overcome smartphone addiction. woman with phone. phone addiction. www.blisslife.in

  • You frequently scroll down without any reason, even during mealtime.
  • You check your mobile at midnight or keeping the phone in the bedroom at night.
  • You do texting while walking.
  • You get anxious or feel uncomfortable when your phone is not with you.
  • You take your phone to the bathroom.
  • You ignore real people around you and can’t help to use the phone.
  • You use your phone to run away from doing any tasks or any challenges work you have.

Staring with how you will get back to your normal life.

1. Self in-charge & Do Assign Task :

We are human beings so most of the time we know what we are doing.

Consciously we repeat the same thing only when do not want to change or do any challenging work.

Acknowledge that you have yes only you have entire control over your phone.

This is the simplest and hardest action to overcome smartphone addiction.

If you understand your power then it’s simple for you.

But if you can then fighting with yourselves is the most difficult and necessary task.

Try to do your assignment or challenging work in the first half of your day.

Do not escape from it when you know the task can be postponed but You only need to do it.

Busy with assignments will keep away from the phone.

2. Turn Off Notification :

overcome smartphone addiction. phone notification. www.blisslife.in


Not only social media but notification also something very attractive enough to make you addicted.

Each time you pick up the phone to check the actual notification and end up checking youtube, social media updates and Instagram progresses.

And these habits break the actual important work that you are doing before received notification.

Believe me, if you want to overcome your smartphone addiction this step is very vital for you.

Just keep on for urgent notification like specific messages, calender for urgent.

Promising you, you will save a ton of time only doing this.

3. Calm Your Mind & Breath :

When you have a strong desire for the phone just give a few seconds pause and take a long breath.

Keep your mind calm and ask yourself what is the purpose of your touching phone.

If you still have the urge to touch the phone then repeat with breathing for 3 seconds and get back to original work.

Your urge will disappear for sure.

Remember if you touch the phone you will easily spend 20 minutes where you only intend to take for 3 minutes.

It is all about your willpower.

This is a very powerful technique to overcome smartphone addiction.

4.Delete Social Media Apps :

Overcome smartphone addiction. social media icon. www.blisslife.in

It may sound very harsh to you but it is not.

Delete all social media apps from your phone.

Instead of spending time on social media for a long long period try to access it from the computer or a laptop.

Apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are very mobile-friendly so we tend to use mobile for these apps.

I am sure accessing from a computer or a laptop is enough for checking out your all updates.

Give a think over your thoughts and you know what is good for you then take the right decision.

5. Use Physical Version of Apps :

Having a smartphone in our pocket means we think everything is so convenient.

The smartphone has completely decreased the use of a calculator, camera, alarm clock, notebooks, habits of reading and so many things.

You start your day with put off the alarm and check news updates, make some important notes, and get into Instagram updates.

Sounds similar?

I have a solution for this problem.

Just replace your digital tools with the physical version of the app.

Use an alarm clock, use pen & paper to make notes, or use a whiteboard for making a to-do list, use the original book for reading, use a calculator.

We need to change these habits for a better life.

Once you will not start your day without touching the phone, your craving for the phone will automatically get diminish.

6. List Down Real Things You Love :

Overcome smartphone addiction. indoor plants. plants. www.blisslife.in

We all call television an “idiot box”.

I think smartphones also give us lame entertainment.

Do you really think 5 inches or more inches of the screen can give you the best viewer experiences?

A digital game can give the same pleasure as an outdoor game?

Social media, a virtual world all these are an echo chamber of ununiformed and trapped.

So please do not waste time.

List down some real activities that you love to do.

It can be anything like reading novels, singing, dancing, playing tennis, gardening, painting, cooking, cleaning the house, play guitar, etc.

Incorporate any hobbies that you like most.

I am sure this action will cure your addiction to the smartphone.

7. Use Screen Time :

I have started with this only.

When you will see your usage of the phone you will try to change this habit immediately if you want to stay good.

So many ways to overcome smartphone addiction through apps are available on the play store.

Download and use this.

this app will help you to keep your balance.

Put limits on using a phone in a day.

These apps will give you a total count of pick-up phones too. Try to reduce it.

8. Change Phone Settings :

I will share a few options below.

  • Enable Do not Disturb.
  • Turn the smartphone to grayscale means black and white mode.
  • Set a difficult password.
  • Use airplane mode.
  • Keep mute for unusual group notification.

Try to change these settings and overcome smartphone addiction.

9. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings :

overcome smartphone addiction

Texting while crossing the road or driving is illegal.

I think we all know the reason behind it.

There will be less risk if we do not use the phone during the walk, exercise, or crossing road or any signal.

Most importantly, being all-time on the phone will keep you away from real experiences in your life.

So overcome smartphone addiction is important for life too.

10. Start Taking Digital Detox :

This is my favorite action I must say.

Start with short digital detox once a week and later extend it.

Give attention to your family, your real friends, towards your home and hobbies.

End of the day you will feel a different kind of joy in you.

Try to do this to overcome smartphone addiction for sure.

11. Switch to Featured Phone :

Overcome smartphone addiction. keypad phone. www.blisslife.in

This is the last option I design for you.

If you cant help to overcome smartphone addiction then please switch to a feature phone for a week or 10 days.

This is an extreme step to control your addiction.

You can use for till you will realize that you have already overcome smartphone addiction.

Yes, I know this is not easy but believe me, this step is worthy to try.

Conclusion :

I have shared my practical tips to overcome smartphone addiction.

And I am sure the tips are simple enough to be followed.

Please share it with your beloved ones who might find it helpful.

It takes a few seconds to share.

Finally, let me know what do you think about this article on how to overcome smartphone addiction by a quick comment below in the comment box.

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About the Author: Moumita Jana

Moumita is the Editor-in-Chief here at BlissLife. She is also the H.R. Head at Amazing Electronics. She loves to Cook and Travel the World in her leisure time.


  1. Excellent ???
    I really appreciate those beautiful ideas.
    Around the globe ? during this lockdown people are actually habituated with their phone instead of extracurricular activities & family relationships.
    Good message.
    Cheers ?……

  2. Very true . These we see people busy with phone all the time , sometimes including me . I too got active by adding other activities in my daily routine . These days from family gathering to friends evryone decides to use the phone more and have less conversation . It also has adverse affects on your body ,because once you use phone all day you skip other important work and activities . Great post.

  3. Amazing you’re come up with very nice topics… I’m also trying to deal with excessive use of screens. This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing

  4. These are some really amazing tips,we all must follow to overcome the addiction of mobile,this is really helpful for physical and mental health too

  5. So nicely written article…. We are addicted to our smartphone and using these simple tips we can overcome it. Thanks for sharing

  6. So well written! We are so much invested in this digital world that we have forgotten what’s happening around us! I am myself trying to get out of this! Your tips can really help me with that!

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