3 Ways to Start Living the Life You Desire

3 Ways to Start Living the Life You Desire

Last updated on August 4th, 2021 at 12:36 pm

Surprise to see the title?

When I started writing on this topic I was really surprised to see the present situation around us.

People often do what they do every day.

Liking this routine or not does matter or circumstances do not give proper realization to think.

Unfortunately, it is hampering us, our relationship, our social life.

You are going to start a depressed and stressed life slowly.

We all are in that race of life knowingly or unknowingly.

We forgot our dream of what we often think at an early age.

Nothing new I will write here.

It is high time to seat alone and think about yourself (of course without a smartphone).

Think, why you need to think about your desirable life again?

If you start the life you desire what will be the changes?

A final question to yourself- Are you happy with what your life is today?

If no, read this article, you may connect and redesign your future.

 3 ways I will take to describe how to start living the life you desire.

1. Know Your mind :

You can’t escape from this point.

This point is very salient and indispensable.


You need to know your mind clearly to start a desirable life.

Well! it is not complicated at all.

You need to do a simple task for your happiness.

Just wipe out your grey cells and move forward.

Keep yourself completely blank.

Now think.

What kind of life you want!

What new things you want to learn!

Write down your daily routine and find any happiness activity is there or not.

Reframe your mind by questioning this type of question.

You must arise money related happiness is important to you or not.

You may categorize your goals.

It may help you to create the beautiful life that you want.

  • Psychological and Physical Goals :
  • Financial Goals
  • Social and Personal Life
  • Career Goals

Ask yourself where you are not getting happiness.

Write down where you need to improve without compromise with your happiness.

You are done with is the point then please read it down for next.

2. Take Steps Towards “Your Life” :

Start Living the Life You Desire. footprint. water. sea. sand. www.blisslife.in

“Your Life” defines You.

You have to priorities your happiness.

Your action should give happiness to you most.

You can not change your life drastically overnight.

Please set goals and break them into small goals.

Start taking steps towards your goals slowly with a peaceful mind.

You need to plan for every goal very calmly.

Remember, you are making your desire life.

Do not rush.

Watch your goals again and again.

If you are determined that these goals can give you the life that you desire then plan accordingly.

Plan your daily day from morning to evening.

Your plan should give you happiness every day, not for one or two days.

No one is perfect in this world so do not try to be a perfect one.

You just make your perfect life which is full of your dreams, fun and positive.

Your life needs to have fun with family, friends.

Join some new courses to enhance your knowledge.

Get yourself educated.

Invest money and time for yourself.

It may help in the long run.

Example: Get some courses regarding financial knowledge development.

It will help to reach your financial goals.

Your hobbies may give you relaxation when you needed.

You need to keep learning from life.

If you get a failure to reach your goal do not quit just take a lesson and start again.

Sometimes you need to go with the flow and gain your knowledge.

3. Live Every day as Special :

Start Living the Life You Desire. www.blisslife.in

It is the true and ultimate truth that you have limited time in your hand.

But remember, You have unlimited potential to achieve your goals and live life on your terms.

Do what you want in your everyday time.

You take small steps towards your desired life every day.

Do not waste your time in depression, worries, anger, frustration, and so on.

You need to take the right decision now to start living the life you desire in the future.

Don’t be rigid while pursuing your passion.

It means you need to be flexible while planning your desire goals.

You need to allow your life to open doors for your targets.

So sometimes you need to embrace the flow of life.

But it does not mean that you will give up.

It means you are allowing the process of life with your ability.

Keep believing in yourself and follow your heart.

Just enjoy ‘Your Journey”.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”- Mahatma Gandhi

Conclusion :

I have shared 3 powerful ways to start living the life you desire in this article.

And I am sure the tips are simple enough to be followed.

Please share it with your beloved ones who might find it helpful.

It takes a few seconds to share.

Finally, let me know what do you think about this article on 3 ways to start living the life you desire by a quick comment below in the comment box.

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About the Author: Moumita Jana

Moumita is the Editor-in-Chief here at BlissLife. She is also the H.R. Head at Amazing Electronics. She loves to Cook and Travel the World in her leisure time.

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  1. Excellent and timely article, Moumita.

    You’re absolutely right – we all need to find out time for ourselves to plan the desired life.

    Living a desired life is not only a must but also I consider it as one of our birth rights that we cannot let situations to snatch from us out.

    Keep posting.

    Thanks a lot.

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