8 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Frustration (And Back on Track)

Get Rid of Frustration

Last updated on March 25th, 2021 at 06:36 pm

I really take enough time to write on wellbeing and other categories which belong to our mental health.

It is easier to write on physical health rather than mental health.

Yes, we often forget about it.

Trust me it is one of the most important parts to take care of.

Mental states, our all emotions and feelings are actual reasons for our all reactions.

You understand today’s article from its title itself.

Frustration is an emotional state of ours.

It is a very normal emotional reaction.

Frustration can arise anytime.

Frustration leads to anger.

When this frustration or anger goes out of control it may destroy everything.

It may destroy you, ownself.

This is a negative emotion that may devastate our mental health.

Constant frustration can make you mad.

People around you will start behavior with you differently.

This negative behavior may hurt your teammates, your colleagues, friends, and of course your family.

Consider all things it is high time to control your frustration.

I have discovered some ways to get rid of frustration.

1. Practice Breathing for Stress Management :

Breathing deep has a lot of power.

This silent activity can slow down our heartbeats and blood pressure level.

The practice of deep breathing will help for a longer period of time not only for frustration management and for other aspects too.

Few tricks I may share with you.

Just give a little PAUSE and take a deep breath and allow for a few secs and breath out.

Your reaction will change before you burst out with anger or frustration.

Close your eyes and breath.

It restores calmness.

2. Stay in Present :

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This is the hardest thing to do.

We always think about any past bad experiences or we get fear about our future.

Please be in the present.

If you can learn it your half problems with frustration have vanished.

Being in present and doing any task with the proper blissful mind is called Meditation for me.

The present moment will give you time to think about where rectification needed.

Mental focus on the present time will get rid of frustration easily.

It will dilute your frustration.

Please work on it.

3. List All Accomplishments :

The accomplishments list can work like magic.

You will get enough motivation if you get frustrated.

Start to write about your achievements now.

Follow it for 1 week.

No matter how small are they.

After one week you will get a surprise to see what you have done.

This habit will solve your cause of frustration.

You can judge where need to do more work to get success.

This log will tell about your progress too.

We all need to do this for our self-motivation.

4. Manage Your Stress Level :

Exercise to manage your stress level.

I have a complete article on the same.

If your stress level will be controlled then the frustration level will automatically be decreased.

A good lifestyle, breathing practice, and diet are important along with exercise.

These are the roots of any frustration.

A relaxed mind will help you to understand the situation.

You may avoid doing any impulsive action or abuse words.

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5. Stop Blaming Yourself :

Get Rid of Frustration. dark. mental health. man. eye. www.blisslife.in

You did all from your end still it did not work out.

Accept reality and stop blaming yourself.

Take lessons from it and move on.

Find some solution rather than blaming yourself.

It will help you to get rid of frustration.

Blaming yourself will create a negative area around you.

Be happy with what you have and appreciate that.

Own creation frustration will harm you most.

Take responsibility and avoid blaming yourself.

6. Learn Expectation Method from Others :

We expect a lot.

Sometimes our own over expectations is the main culprit of frustration.

We need to know how much we can expect.

Sometimes reality and expectation both are on the opposite pole.

Do not compare our life with media or social life.

Real and reel life is different.

Read a book instead of giving more time to social media.

It increases our abnormal expectations subconsciously.

This leads to frustration or anger further.

One of the major reasons for misunderstanding.

Verify your thoughts and demand.

The major reason to spoil the modern relationship.

7. Search for Solutions and Take Action :

Figure out the root of the frustration.

It will help you to find your solutions too.

Please take action if you find a serious frustration with proper reason then, please take action towards that.

Taking action towards any problem is much better than quitting it.

Do something that you like and divert your mind to think about it with a fresh mind.

8. Stay Positive :

Get Rid of Frustration. flower. stone flower. www.blisslife.in

A positive mind can think solution when a bad phase comes.

Be optimistic and move further.

You can solve, plan and take proper action with a positive mind.

A closed mind will not be able to see possible solutions.

Stay with positive people and be optimistic.

Conclusion :

In this article, I have shared my top 8 insanely actionable tips to get rid of frustration.

And I am sure the tips are simple enough to follow by most of us.

Among those tips, number 8 is my personal favorite.

Please share it with your beloved ones who might find it helpful.
It takes a few seconds to share.

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  1. Thanks for this brilliant article, Moumita.

    And I must say your post is a timely one too as right now depression is being considered as the 2nd silent epidemic globally that kills people specially the youngsters without any specific treatments.

    However, can you please give me a few tips on how I can stop blaming myself in my day to day life?

    Thanks again and keep posting that kind of awesome articles.

  2. Will forward to my husband ..he needs this right now ..🙈very well written .Frustation is something which we all are facing these days . thanks

  3. I guess we all are dealing with stress and frustration in our lives. And we don’t understand how to manage it. But thanks to you now we have all the key points to manage are stress level. Very helpful article.

  4. Frustation and stress are something which we all are facing these days . But there are also some ways to stay positive and happy in your bad times! Thanks for this wonderful post.

  5. Great post dear. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have this problem and you have listed simple steps to fight this. We can prevent this using simple steps. I love the 8th one too.

  6. Frustration is something that comes and goes with time. You have listed simple tips to fight this. Great thoughts.

  7. Thank you for explaining the very important fact that we need to stop blaming ourselves amd need to stay positive what so ever❤️we need to remember this through every situation 😇✨

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