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So you’re lacking the energy you feel tired I get it but the good news is I’m going to teach you how to keep those energy levels up and you can boost energy.

Now in today’s 24/7 world, we tend to cram in so much into our lives don’t we tend to suffer because we start to forget about looking after ourselves.

Now before we begin running through the tips I want you to think about these few questions.

So what your diet is?

Like is it healthy?

Are you eating lots of fruit, are you in lots of vegetables?

Are you sleeping well, are you having your meals on time, are you having lots of alcohol, drinking lots of caffeine, drinking lots of energy drinks so please really think about these as we run through the tips.

1. Healthy Balanced Diet :

This is my lifestyle tip number one, which is probably one of the most important things which you need to make sure that you’re having a healthy balanced diet because it’s the foundation of your energy.

So you need to be having whole grains, you need to be having proteins, you need to have fruit, and you need to have vegetables.

2. Eat at Regular Intervals :

Number two is also very important.

So if you do this, it should help sustain your energy levels.

Don’t miss breakfast because apparently a third of us and this is a third apparently, miss it and that’s not going to help sustain energy levels.

So eat at regular intervals have three meals a day and if you get puckish in between it and you feel like having a little snack have some healthy fruits.

3. Iron-Rich Food :

If your iron levels are low it can leave you feeling tired and rundown.

Now, this is especially important in teenagers and ladies.

Because they’re at higher risk of losing iron in your menstrual blood during your periods.

Now let’s sit on a chair for the next bit.

The good news is that there are loads of foods that are really rich in iron, for example, you’ve got red meat, green vegetables and even fortified foods like cereals.

4. Well Hydrated :

Are you staying hydrated well?

It’s recommended that we’re having eight to ten glasses of water a day and by the way, this is an addition to the fluids that we get from our food.

You should also watch your alcohol intake as this can cause dehydration and also caffeine.

Yes, its true caffeine will give you that kick and it will give you that energy and boost energy.

But with the time you’re going to build tolerance and you’re going to need more and more and more caffeine to give you the same level of energy.

And when you’re not getting that you’re going to feel more tired.

Please remember that both alcohol and caffeine are going to affect your sleep quality so in the long term you are going to feel more tired because of this.

5. Sugar Intake :

Now generally speaking we know the people in the developed and developing countries, adults and children eat way too much sugar.

I know you’re going to get sugar kick to begin with that buzz of energy.

We’re going to quickly have a sugar low and it’s going to leave tired and it’s going to leave you drained.

Now you maybe take it to yourself but you will ask how on earth do I cut down sugar?

It’s so much easier said than done.

Your right sugar is in almost everything.

It’s in fruit, it’s in the veg.

However, the ones in fruit and veg are fine so you’re completely fine to have them.

In terms of cutting down sugar, it is very complicated but thankfully if we try we can reduce and go on healthy substitutes like jaggery, honey, etc.

We’ve done diet but now let’s look at some other issues.

I must tell you, over stress is one major thing that kills your energy.


Stress-instigated feelings expend enormous measures of vitality.

Conversing with a companion or relative, joining a care group, or seeing a psychotherapist would all be able to help diffuse pressure.

Unwinding treatments like contemplation, self-entrancing, additional viable devices for decreasing pressure.

And there is one magical pill which I will tell you a bit later.

Few common questions I ask my clients are, are you exercising?

Are you napping during the day?

And also are you taking any medicines or any herbal medicines?

Because some of these can cause tiredness too.

So let’s go onto that.

Imagine this for one second, I have a pill and it’s a magical pill.

It’s amazing when you take it it’s going to boost your mood.

It’s going to boost your sleep quality.

It’s going to boost energy levels, it’s going to reduce your risk of certain medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and many more.

And best of all, it has no side effect and it’s free too.

Now unfortunately this pill doesn’t exist.

But I think if it did everyone in the world would be taking it, including myself.

Well my friends the name of that magical pill is exercise.

And I’m afraid it’s not as easy as taking a pill.

I’ll give you that.

Let me put the magical pill way but if you do fit it in you’re going to get all the benefits I’ve mentioned.

They’re all proven so please try to fit it into your daily schedule and reap the rewards.

Please remember that there’s no single food including those labeled superfoods that can compensate for an unhealthy diet.

There’s also no evidence that suggests that one single food can boost energy levels.

Most people don’t need a vitamin supplement to boost energy levels and you can get all of these from a healthy balanced diet.

Now there are also medical reasons that can cause tiredness and it’s recommended that you should speak to your doctor about these.

Conclusion :

In this post, I have shared some practical hacks to boost energy levels.

Those tips are insanely actionable and super-easy to get started with.

However, to boost energy levels with those tips, you must take action.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post.

Please share it with your beloved ones those might find it helpful.

It takes a few seconds to share.

Finally, let me know what do you think about this article on how to boost energy levels by leaving a quick comment below in the comment box.

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