Selfishness Is Good

Selfishness Is Good (

Last updated on August 29th, 2021 at 08:35 am

Selfishness is actually good.

Or, it is not as bad as we think.

And I can prove it.

We all know, selfishness involves being extra careful about personal happiness only.

Now, consider the following situations.

  • you are fit but one of your relatives is hospitalized.
  • you are in a good job but your son or, daughter is jobless.
  • your house is clean but your locality is dirty.

And this list is literally endless.

You can add more similar situations for consideration in this list.

Will you find “personal happiness” in any of the above situations?

Probably not.

Although none of the above-mentioned situations affect you directly.

Can you sense something new?

I am sure you can.


We all are universally connected to work together, grow together, and live together.

Therefore, we cannot grow and become happy alone in the true sense.

If we truly care about our personal happiness, we must care about others’ happiness, as well.

Now, since selfishness involves being extra careful about personal happiness and personal happiness further involves others’ happiness, we can easily conclude that the more selfish one becomes the more he or, she will consider others’ happiness as well.

That’s exactly why I think selfishness is good.

Well. When it is applied in the true sense.

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About the Author: Subhabrata Kasyapi

Subhabrata Kasyapi is an Electrical Engineer by Education, a Serial Entrepreneur by Passion and a Digital Marketer by Heart.


  1. Well it is absolutely true. If we really care about our happiness, we must care about others’ happiness. Thanks for teach me a positive lesson.

  2. As it says that if one person on the house is upset, it affects the entire family. Finding our happiness in others happiness is not always advisable but being happy when others are happy is what make the ambiance positive.

  3. Well writing article and very nice information it. I know about Selfishness . Find the way happiness. I am glad you shared that. Stay happy and positive. This is true.

    1. I agree if we want to be happy we need to keep everyone happy around us. Happiness means to bring a smile to other’s face

  4. I was nodding my head in agreement while reading the blog. We are truly happy when our near and dear ones are too.

  5. Being selfish is considered bad but you have beautifully explained that the concept of being selfish also involves taking care of our near and dear ones.

  6. Like any other thing/ word, everything should have a balance. Selfishness is one of them. If being selfish is done for you to pursue your own happiness first with the intention of giving in return whatever you attain for the happiness of others in the future, then that’s great. Otherwise, if selfishness is done like corruption, just so you can get ahead of others, then that’s in all means wrong.

  7. I agree with you at some point that selfishness is a good trait. But when this trait crosses limits it becomes a bad quality but being selfies up to some extent is good. It’s all about seeking happiness for self. Which is important.

  8. In the reverse scenario if a person is sad everything around turns gloomy so when person is happy they tend to look good things everywhere like a happy heart ignores the little imperfections. One has to be selfish at times to look for self growth as that is the starting point for all over growth.

  9. Anything excess is not good . In the same way selfishness to some extent is right but over that gives a bad sign . I got your point . Very nice write up.

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