4 Ways to Be Less Judgmental and Live a Happy Social Life with Full Peace of Mind

Be Less Judgmental

Last updated on July 7th, 2021 at 03:50 pm

I certainly am, many times.

Yes, even you.

We are all judgmental.  

I think it’s human nature.

It seems to me we get more judgmental as we get older.

The judgments that we have can teach us a lot about ourselves.

In order to be less judgmental, we have to have a willingness to examine ourselves.

We all have different approaches to self-improvement.

Whatever the reason for a disconnect between appearance and person, we should be careful not to prejudge others.

Judging before we know the facts is called prejudice.

Keep in mind that no one wants to be friends with a judgmental person anyway.

Here 4 Ways to Be Less Judgmental and Live a Happy Social Life :

1. Search Source and Think Positive :

Everything starts with a seed — a seed you plant in your own mind, or that is planted for you based on past experiences and how you were raised.

Take note of what causes you to make judgments before you know the facts.

It is up to you to uproot those negative thoughts and catch yourself when you feel them start to sprout up again.

When you catch yourself having critical thoughts about someone, ask yourself how you or they benefit from those thoughts.

A negative mindset can lead to judgemental thinking.

Look at your own situations and try to see the things that push your negative buttons.

You can still be realistic while being positive.

You don’t have to ignore negative aspects, just don’t focus exclusively on them.

Challenge that thought, asking yourself why it’s your business.

Then say something nice that you noticed and express it.

Having a positive attitude can improve your life in many ways!

2. Understand Others Situation :

Try to understand the other person’s perspective and situation.

Every person is a unique individual with different talents, skills, personalities, and life experiences.

Instead of judging someone for what he’s done or how he looks, try instead to understand the person.

Put yourself in their shoes.

Try to imagine their background.

Accept that they have a right to make their own decisions.

Whenever you find yourself tempted to judge someone who is different from you, look for commonalities rather than differences.

We all have something in common because we’re all humans!

This will help you see them in a positive light, rather than one clouded by judgment.

3. Stop Passing Judgement :

If you find yourself being judgmental, stop yourself.

Set aside gossip and negative information that you hear about a person, culture, etc.

This can be a difficult step. Remind yourself to observe.

Keep in mind that people have their own motives for sharing gossip or negative opinions.

Think about times that you’ve had gossip spread about you.

Would you want people judging you based on this?

Once you’re more aware, you can then stop yourself and will find a way to be less judgmental.

4. Be Open-Minded :

This sounds simple but most of us are creatures of comfort.

Don’t judge people based on their appearance.

There are people of all different types within different lifestyles.

Labels don’t tell the whole story about a person.

In fact, they limit your perspective on them.

Try to see each person as an individual.

Let people tell you who they are, rather than assuming that you already know.

Let your perceptions about a person change as you get to know them better.

Be willing to listen to those around you and learn from them.

Become a student of people and learn from what they can teach you.

The next time you open your mouth to say something negative about someone, flip it around and say something positive.

Conclusion :

In this article, I have shared 4 tips to be less judgmental right away.

And I am sure the tips are simple enough to follow by most of us.

So if you can take action for starting a healthy lifestyle, you can surely start reaping the benefits within days.

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