Accept Yourself

Accept Yourself (

Are you perfect?


Am I perfect?


Is anyone perfect?


And the good news is:

We should not care about perfection.

So, we should not worried about the imperfections that lie within ourselves.

Doing so will waste our valuable resources like time, money, and mindset.

Instead, we should focus on:

  • know ourselves.
  • accept ourselves and
  • improve ourselves

I call this the KAI framework.

No matter how imperfect you are, you should always remember:

You are your one and only best friend in life.

Only you can help yourself best.

Only you can heal yourself best and

Only you can love yourself best.

So never be rude to yourself.

No matter how bad you performed, no matter what people talk about you, no matter how badly you are broken, no matter all…

Accept yourself the way you like.

Accept yourself as you are.

Accept yourself the way you desire.

And be extremely thankful to the almighty for granting you an educated human life.

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About the Author: Subhabrata Kasyapi

Subhabrata Kasyapi is an Electrical Engineer by Education, a Serial Entrepreneur by Passion and a Digital Marketer by Heart.


  1. This is so heartening to read. We tend to lose ourselves in the world and keep chasing illusions. But loving yourself is like grounding yourself to your reality and nakes you joyful.

  2. I read another post on KAI framework and I loved this concept. Yes, we should embrace imperfection and rather than being judgemental , we should try to improve ourselves. As no one is perfect. May sound cliche but imperfect also says I am perfect:)

  3. I agree with all pointers you have shared here. as an ambitious human being, we all strive for perfection in our lives but in true sense, life is also about accept the things the way they are. this is the best attitude to stay calm and embrace the imperfections.

  4. Yes well done. I have to agree with your points all. You have said and explained so well about Accept Yourself. I am glad you shared that. Thanks for sharing.

  5. A well written post with an important message. Acceptance is really important. No one is perfect and that’s perfectly okay. Loving yourself and accepting yourself is really important for actual peace and growth.

  6. Nobody is perfect but its great to accept the beautiful imperfections. Its great to talk about imperfections. Well written post👍👍

  7. Great article!! with an important message to share. Read somewhere, you will never be able to create the right reality if you aren’t willing to let the wrong reality go. This post is worth sharing.

  8. This post is really so beautiful to read. It has so important message to share we should accept ourselves both good and bad

  9. It’s so important to accept ourselves as we are and you have written this so beautifully. I really loved the article and the tips you have shared.

  10. Knowing accepting and improving. Three aspects of life that we have to embrace for ultimate pace satisfaction and happiness

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